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If you’re anything like us, it drives you mad when you’re looking at potential suppliers (or competitors, for that matter) and you can’t figure out what they charge.  It’s a common marketing tactic: if you don’t publish your prices, customers are forced to contact you, and you get to create a ‘relationship’ with them (more often than not, though, customers are so frustrated they’ll go somewhere else instead).

At debbidoo, we believe in being open and honest with our clients.  We don’t want to force you to have a conversation with us (although we’ll welcome you with open arms if you do decide to get in touch); we’d much rather give you all the information you need up front, and let you decide for yourself whether or not we’re worth the effort of a relationship.

So here, in all its glory, is the debbidoo price list:

services charged at an hourly rate (click to open)

These services are as follows: marketing services, copywriting, affiliate marketing services, blog management, website management or any combination of these services. Fees for these services start at a flat £40 per hour. However, if you want us to work with you for an agreed number of hours per month, we’re happy to charge on a ‘sliding scale’, as follows:

  • 1-5 hours per month: £40 per hour
  • 6-10 hours per month: £38 per hour
  • 11-15 hours per month: £35 per hour
  • 16+ hours per month: £30 per hour

If you’d like to take advantage of this special pricing, we ask that you engage us for a minimum term of three months.

WordPress website design prices (click to open)

basic WordPress website package £495 per website*
ecommerce WordPress website package £795 per website*
hosting and premium WordPress theme package £60 per website*

We offer discounts against some of our other services if you order them as optional extras when you place your WordPress website order. You can find out more at our dedicated WordPress services website, WP Websites Wales.

Please note that the prices above don’t include any premium plugins we may have to buy on your behalf in order to include any special functionality you may need. We will always consult with you when a paid-for plugin is the only or best option for achieving the functionality you’ve requested. We make a small admin charge when we buy plugins on your behalf (10% of the cost of the plugin) – please see our WordPress websites terms and conditions for details.

If your organisation is based in Wales, we’ll automatically apply a 10% local business discount when you order a basic or ecommerce WordPress website package.

* Annual hosting and domain name renewal fees are payable from the first anniversary of purchase – see hosting/domain fees below

Annual renewal fees for hosting and domain names are invoiced as follows:

  • Hosting: £35 per year
  • domains: £8 per year
  • .com domains: £15 per year

We can also register .org, .me, .biz, .wales, .cymru and a vast range of other domain extensions/TLDs (case in point –!) – please contact us for more information about what’s available and our prices.

The first year’s hosting and domain registration fees are included in the price of your WordPress website design package.

blog setup fees (click to open)

Installing a WordPress blog to a new directory of your existing website: one-off setup fee £140
Building a self-hosted blog at a new domain (hosting and domain registration fees, as listed above, are additional and are renewable annually) £140 etc blog – one-off setup fee £95

social media management fees (click to open)

Twitter account management (standard package) £100 per month
Facebook page management (standard package) £100 per month
Pinterest account management (standard package) £100 per month
Combined social media management package – any two social media standard packages (see our social media marketing management page for details) £160 per month
Combined social media management package – any three social media standard packages (see our social media marketing management page for details) £225 per month

fair, transparent pricing policy

Our pricing is probably not the cheapest, but neither is it the most expensive.  However, it is fair.  Unlike many marketing services companies, we don’t charge a day rate.  Many marketing companies will charge their full day rate when they’ve only done half a day’s work.  We don’t like that.  If we spend 2.5 hours on your project, that’s what we’ll invoice you for.

We also like to show our loyal customers how much we appreciate them, by looking at ways to charge less while giving more. The longer you’re with us, the greater the rewards.

If you’d like to discuss pricing, get a quote or find out more about any of debbidoo’s services, please get in touch.

white label pricing

Many of debbidoo’s services are ideal for providing to partners on a ‘white label’ basis, so we’re happy to discuss special rates with partners who would like to outsource to debbidoo. If this sounds like something that would work well for your business, please get in touch.

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