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New from debbidoo: self-serve email newsletters

When you can afford it, it’s lovely to have access to a fully managed email newsletter broadcast service; it saves you work, you don’t need to spend ages learning something new, and you can relax knowing that an experienced professional is doing it all for you.

However, times are hard, and at times like these your budget may not stretch to a fully managed service.

So, at debbidoo we’ve done two things to address this situation:

  • First, we’ve reduced the prices of our fully managed email newsletter broadcast service.  The one-off setup fee is now just £195, while the broadcast fee is £100 plus only 1p per recipient
  • Secondly, we’ve introduced a brand new, low-cost self-serve email newsletter service, so that clients can now send their own professional HTML newsletters to their opt-in mailing list for what we reckon is a miniscule fee (£125 one-off setup fee, £5 per broadcast plus 1p per recipient).

Our website has undergone some work to reflect these changes, so we’ve been very busy these past few days getting all the new copy written and uploaded; there are new brochures and a new email newsletters overview page, which briefly outlines the differences between the two services and showcases some of the test templates we’ve been creating (I’ll add them here too, as they’re nice and summery; today is very wet and blustery, so we could all do with something cheerful and tropical to look at :))

So there you have it; if you’ve got some time but not much money, there’s no need for that to be a barrier to keeping in touch with your customers – and potential customers – with beautiful HTML email newsletters.  Hurrah!

Our totally tropical templates (click to enlarge):

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