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marketing planning and management

Thorough marketing planning and management are essential if any marketing project is to succeed.  Whether you have a new or existing business or product, you need marketing planning and management – and you need them to be done properly.

We take a thorough, methodical approach to our marketing planning and management.  We dot the Is and cross the Ts; we leave no stone unturned to ensure that your marketing campaign is meticulously planned, managed, executed and evaluated.

Our marketing planning and management services include:

  • Identifying ways in which you can measure and evaluate the success of your past and present marketing activities, and setting up appropriate measurement systems (for example, a KPI dashboard)
  • General marketing management, including helping you set and allocate a marketing budget, modelling pricing options, product development etc
  • Creating a detailed marketing plan (or any other type of plan; if you plan to do it, we can write a plan for it)
  • Project management – for example, running the entire launch of a product or business, from planning through execution and evaluation.

It’s worth noting that a detailed marketing plan takes many, many hours to write, and can therefore seem expensive. However, if you need a marketing plan on a small budget, we can provide a template and mentoring to help you do the bulk of the work yourself, with support from us to make sure you’re getting it right. To find out more, please contact us .

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If you have other marketing planning and management requirements and you don’t see them listed above, please get in touch – we’ll do our best to help.

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