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Website management is really important. Keeping your website up to date with fresh content is a reason for visitors to keep coming back, and it gives you something to talk about in your newsletters and on social media. What’s more, it’s said that Google has a special fondness for websites whose content is regularly updated (just one great reason to have a blog, when you think about it, but that’s a different story).

But we know from experience that website management – a bit like housekeeping – is one of those jobs you keep putting off until you have more time, and before you know it a while has passed and things are starting to get a little messy (or is that just us?)

Whether it’s updating WordPress versions and plugins, adding or updating information about the services you provide or the regulations you’re bound by, or uploading new products – debbidoo can help.

Whatever type of website you have – an ecommerce site, a brochure site, a WordPress or other CMS site – we’re happy to update your website content for you, leaving you with more time on your hands for the tasks you’d rather be working on (we’d like to say the same about your cleaning and ironing, but sadly that’s beyond our remit…)

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To find out more about how we can help you keep your website as fresh as a daisy, please get in touch. For WordPress websites, we have a special fixed-rate monthly maintenance package; you can find out more about this at WP Websites Wales. For other types of content management systems and basic HTML website management, our hourly rate is £40 – but if you need lots of work done on a regular basis, we can offer the sliding scale of charges outlined on our price list.

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