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Introductory offer: bespoke websites for £295

I recently blogged about preparing to give a big facelift.  In this post, I said that my plan is to do away with the services I rarely get asked about, and to bring in some new services that I do get asked about.

One of these is web design. Since building 18 months ago, I’ve since built websites for clients as well as for other debbidoo projects, and for another business of which I’m a director, Petha Ltd.

As web design is something I seem to be doing more of – and something which I really enjoy doing – I’ve decided to add it as a service to clients. And as it’s brand spanking new, I’ve decided to launch this service with a cracking introductory offer… but it’s limited to the first FIVE people to apply.

I’m offering FIVE people/organisations the chance to order a bespoke, CSS-styled, W3C-compliant brochure site for just £295.  We’re not talking about a freebie template, downloaded from the ‘net and modified a bit to reflect your brand identity…  when I say ‘bespoke’, I mean I will code the site, and the style sheet, from scratch. And there are tons of features included, as well as a load of optional extras at hugely discounted prices.

If you’re interested, please read on… there are a few terms and conditions, so please make sure you read the whole article before making a decision.

What’s included in the price

  • A bespoke W3C-validated XHTML website, with separate bespoke W3C-validated CSS style sheet, built to your specification with your branding, logo and appropriate images (see Note 1, below). We’ll test the template in these browsers: IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
  • A or .com domain name (see Note 2, below)
  • A year’s hosting on Open Mind’s Windows Home package (see Note 3, below)
  • Up to 10 Pop3 email accounts, up to 10 multi-recipient forwarders and unlimited single-recipient forwarders, which we will set up for you (we will provide instructions for setting up in Outlook etc, and webmail login details, in our welcome document when you’ve paid for your website)
  • We will create a Google account for you, then a Google Analytics account; we’ll include your Google Analytics code in your pages so that you can measure visitor activity on your website
  • Your website will have up to 5 pages including home page and contact us page, populated with copy and images supplied by you (we will proof read your copy and adjust your photos as necessary, without further charge).
  • If you have PDF brochures or other documents that you’d like visitors to be able to download from your site, we’ll add these to the server for you and include links where appropriate
  • Basic on-page SEO is included in the price – e.g. unique and relevant page titles and meta tags, optimised link anchor text and link titles, ALT tags on images, H1/H2 for headings, optimised page URLs, etc
  • If you want one, we’ll include an ‘add to any‘ button to every page, so that visitors to your site can share pages they like on a huge number of social networking/bookmarking sites including Twitter, Facebook, Delicious etc as well as by email (there’s one at the bottom of this blog post – give it a try!)
  • If you use Twitter, we will also include a Twitter gadget of your choice, if you want – for example, a ‘follow me’ button from, a ‘number of times tweeted’ button from, a button or a ‘latest tweet’ widget from
  • We’ll also create a Google Webmaster Tools account for you, and when the site is ready, create an XML site map and submit it to Google for you through your Webmaster Tools account
  • After the website is fully paid for, we’ll send you a personalised welcome document containing all your passwords, FTP access details, control panel details etc
  • Once your site is live we’ll send a tweet out to our Twitter followers, with a link to your new website
  • Sorry – no Java or Flash, and no e-commerce sites. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, easy-to-customise, great value for money e-commerce site, we recommend Shop Maker.

Optional extras

Order these optional extras at the same time as you order your website, and take advantage of some fantastic discounts!

  • Extra pages – if you need more than 5 pages, we’ll create extra pages for you at just £20 per page. What’s more, we’ll honour this price for as long as you remain a debbidoo client, so if you decide you want additional pages in a year’s time, you can still have them at this fantastic low rate
  • Copywriting – if you would like us to write your website copy for you, we’ll do this at a rate of £100 per thousand words – a saving of 20%
  • Sourcing and editing images – if you don’t currently have any images that we can use on your website and you’d like us to find some for you, we’ll do this for £10 per image. Includes editing/cropping/resizing the images as necessary
  • Contact form, request a quote form, etc – if you need a web form that collects information and sends it to you in an email, we’ll create, test and implement this for you, to your specification, for £20 per form
  • Google AdSense/AdSense For Search – if you’d like to earn some extra cash by displaying Google ads on your site, or if you want to include a Google Search box on your site, we’ll set up the account for you, create the appropriate ad units/search box and search results page, and integrate these into your website for a one-off fee of £40
  • Privacy/terms and conditions pages – we’ll download the appropriate templates from Website Law, personalise them for you, and add them to your website. This costs £20 per page (i.e. if you want both privacy and T&Cs, this will cost a total of £40)  – see Note 4, below
  • Blog – we can set up a blog for you (including creating a custom header image), and link to it from your website. Order this at the same time as you order the website and we’ll charge just £90 (usual price: £120)
  • Self-serve email newsletters – order a self-serve newsletter account at the same time as you order your website, and we’ll integrate the subscription form into your website for FREE, create and integrate your subscribe/confirmation/unsubscribe pages for FREE, PLUS give you 25% off the setup fee (see Note 5, below)
  • Fully managed email newsletters – order a fully managed newsletter account at the same time as you order your website and we’ll integrate the subscription form into your website for FREE, create and integrate your subscribe/confirmation/unsubscribe pages for FREE, PLUS give you 25% off the setup fee, PLUS give you 25% off the management fee FOREVER! See Note 6, below.

For price comparison, you might like  to check out our price list.

Super-duper extra extras package

Order a minimum of FIVE of the above optional extras, and we’ll give you a FURTHER 10% DISCOUNT against the total cost of your optional extras! See Note 7, below.

Notes and conditions

  1. Images: you will need to supply your own images. If you want us to source images for you, there is a small additional charge for this – see ‘optional extras’.
  2. Domain registration: domains are registered for two years, and .com domains are registered for one year. Renewal invoices will be sent to you by debbidoo on the appropriate anniversary, charged at the prevailing rate in force at our hosting/domain name registration partners Open Mind Hosting – we do not make any profit from this.
  3. Hosting: one year’s hosting is included in the £295 fee. A renewal invoice will be sent to you by debbidoo annually, with payment due on the anniversary of the package being bought, again charged at the prevailing rate in force at Open Mind Hosting – again, we do not make any profit from this.
  4. Privacy/T&Cs pages: as the templates are free to download, you need to agree to include a link to Website Law in the pages when you publish them. If you don’t want to include this link, it will cost an additional £20 per template (approximately) to buy link-free templates.
  5. Self-serve email newsletters: the broadcast fee of £5 per campaign plus £0.01 per recipient will still be charged. See for features and usual prices.
  6. Fully managed email newsletters: the broadcast fee of £0.01 per recipient, per campaign, will still be charged. See for features and usual prices.
  7. Super-duper extra extras package: to clarify, any number of additional pages counts as one “extra”, any number of images counts as one “extra”, any number of forms counts as one “extra”, and either one or both terms/privacy pages counts as one “extra”.
  8. To take advantage of the optional extras and the super-duper extra extras package, you MUST order your extras at the same time as you order your website. If you order them later, our prevailing rates will apply.
  9. Payment: 50% of the total fee due will be invoiced, and must be paid, before commencement of work. A further 25% will be invoiced, and must be paid, on sign-off of the template and before your website goes live. The remaining 25% will be invoiced once the website is live, and payment must be received within 30 days or we will disable the website and email addresses, and withhold all relevant passwords until payment is received. After the final payment is received, we will send out the welcome document containing all relevant passwords and access instructions.
  10. Amendments: to ensure your website is built in a timely manner, we will ask you to provide a detailed brief before work commences (we will help you with this). Before building the website template we will send you a JPG mockup of our proposed design; we include one set of amendments to this mockup in the £295 fee, and any further amendments will be charged at £40 per hour.
  11. Case studies: you agree that in exchange for receiving a bespoke website for £295, you may be asked to participate in a case study, to be published on or any other debbidoo website. This is in fact a positive thing for you, as in any case study we will link to your website, using your chosen keyword/phrase as anchor text (effectively free advertising and free linkage).
  12. Copyright and ownership: you will own your domain, your website and all copyright of the website text, but you agree to have a discreet “website by debbidoo” link at the bottom of each page.
  13. Our “bespoke website for £295” offer is strictly limited to FIVE websites, and is issued on a first come, first served basis. To apply, please contact us using any of the methods outlined on our contact page.
  14. Should this offer prove extremely popular, we may re-introduce it – or a similar offer – at a future date.

Any questions? Please leave a comment below. Thanks.

Clients must agree that in exchange for receiving a cut-price website, they will pay a 50% payment on account before work commences; a further 25% on sign-off of the template design; and the remaining 25% within 30 days of the website going live. First payment on account must clear our account before work commences; site will not go live until second payment has cleared. If third payment is not made on time, we will pause the website and email accounts until payment has cleared. Website control panel passwords (welcome document) will not be sent until final payment has cleared.


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