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How to be a film producer for under a tenner

If you’ve ever fancied getting involved in the movie industry, or wanted to do a bit of corporate sponsorship with a twist – but always assumed such things would be beyond your budget – you’ll be interested to know that you can now do both, in one pop, for under a tenner. 

[Update: the film was indeed made, and you’ll see our sponsorship bit at 5:56 in the video below]

Film makers Gary Scullion and Nick Acott are making a short Christmas-themed action movie, and they need help raising the last bit of funding to get the movie made and released in time for Christmas.

Through their Indiegogo page, Nick and Gary have in just three days raised $345 of the $1250 they need to pay for the crew, location and equipment costs they’ve not already covered themselves. But with only a couple of weeks left before they need to start filming, the boys could do with a further boost. “I’m nervous our timescales are short but I know there are some good people here who are able to help either way,” said Nick, speaking on his The Night The Reindeer Died thread at UK Business Forums.

The film’s plot is mad, to say the least. While delivering gifts on Christmas Eve, Santa gets kidnapped by an evil toy executive. And is rescued from 200 of the toy executive’s scary henchmen by God and Jesus…

There are four levels of sponsorship you can go for:

  • The Santa package: for $10, you get a ‘donator’ credit in the movie
  • The Claus package: for $25, you get a ‘special thanks’ credit in the movie
  • The Buddy Christ package: for $100, you get an ‘associate producer’ credit in the movie, and a henchman named after you (the idea of an evil Santa-bashing baddie called ‘debbidoo’ really tickles me :D)
  • The Holy Roller package: for $250, you get an ‘executive producer’ credit, plus a henchman named after you, plus an official movie poster signed by the cast and crew.

To find out more about The Night The Reindeer died and/0r put in your sponsorship offer, please visit The Night The Reindeer Died on Indiegogo.



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  1. Wilfrid Hartnagel 29th January 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    Has the film been made?
    How is it distributed?

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