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So you’ve decided to take the plunge and build your mailing list (organically, which is the polite way to do it, of course; the last thing you need is for your business to be associated with ‘spam’). You have an idea of the sort of content you want to send out, and how often. You may even have created a schedule for the rest of the year, if you’re really organised.

And you’ve found this great email newsletter software at a great price (ahem) and you’re all set up and ready to start sharing your news with your subscribers.

You’ve decided that plain text emails would be boring, and that a beautiful HTML template is just what’s needed. But alas! You haven’t a clue how to code email newsletter templates, so what are you going to do?

Thankfully, debbidoo has that covered, too.

When you order email newsletter services from debbidoo, we give you three options for email newsletter templates to choose from:

  • Create your own beautiful, flexible email newsletter templates from within the newsletter software control panel. These are free, and you can create as many as you like.
  • Or, we can log into your newsletter account and build a template for you using the same template builder system. This costs £40 per template.
  • Alternatively, we can code fully bespoke HTML email newsletter templates, designed and built by us to your brief. These cost £160 per template.

built-in template creator tool

The newsletter software is full of fabulous features, including a tool that will quickly and easily build beautiful email newsletter templates.

When using this tool you’ll be able to choose from a number of styles for your templates, which you can customise with your logo, colour scheme and contact details. The templates have all been pre-tested in the most popular webmail systems and email clients (like Yahoo!, Gmail, Outlook and so on), so you can be confident your newsletters won’t ‘break’ when they reach your subscribers. When you come to build each newsletter campaign, you’ll be able to insert a variety of different elements (such as images, buttons, spacers and dividers), as well as present your content in a choice of layouts (like text only, text with image, columns, and so on).

Whether you decide to use this tool yourself (it’s free, so why not create several email newsletter templates?) or would prefer us to use the tool for you (costs £40 per template, but that includes us creating a custom header image for you), you’ll find the resulting templates are easy and flexible to use, and look beautiful. What’s more, they include all the codes that enable your readers to share your newsletter with their friends on Twitter, Facebook and email with ease, and to view your newsletters in their web browser instead of within an email.

bespoke email newsletter templates

If you have quite specific ideas about how your email newsletter templates should look (for example, you want them to closely match your website), we can design, build and test a bespoke HTML newsletter template for you, to your brief. Seen other email newsletter templates you like the look of? While we won’t breach copyright by making an exact copy, we’ll be happy to create a newsletter template that’s inspired by all your favourite features of templates you’ve seen elsewhere.

find out more

If you have a question about our email newsletter templates that isn’t covered in our email newsletters frequently asked questions, or if you’d like to order email newsletter services from debbidoo, please get in touch.

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