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Our email newsletter software is full of handy features that help you do some pretty clever stuff with your email newsletters.

From creating elegant templates to split testing, segmenting and real-time reporting, our email newsletter software does everything you need it to do, and more.

Send different content to different groups of subscribers. Personalise subject lines, or even individual stories (“Debs, we have a special offer for customers in Wales – just use voucher code WALES15 at the checkout to get 15% off your order”).  And all within a couple of clicks.

Here are a few of our favourite features.

easy to use template builder and content editor (click to open)

newsletter content editor

Build your own stunning templates with ease – and for free – in next to no time: simply select a template from the gallery, customise colours, fonts and logo, and away you go. Build as many templates as you like, so you have different styles for different occasions (or for different segments of your mailing list, if relevant).

Once you’ve created your template, adding content is a breeze. Select a different layout for each story, and add elements (text boxes, dividers, spacers, buttons or images) with the click of a button. Change the order of your stories with ease, by dragging and dropping them into place. You can add personalisation, and select who can see each story so that different segments of your mailing list receive different content.

Once you’re happy with your content, within a few easy steps your newsletter will be whizzing its way to your subscribers.

A/B split testing (click to open)

Learn what your subscribers like, and do it again! With our email newsletter software you can use split testing to gauge customer response to two different headlines, or two different template designs, and use the results to plan future campaigns.

segmenting and personalisation (click to open)

newsletter personalisation

Use segmenting to broadcast to groups of subscribers based on previous purchases, age, location or another variable. There are loads of personalisation options in our email newsletter software, too; send unique offer codes to each subscriber, greet them by name, send geographically targeted content – use any data in your list to create personalised newsletters that offer greater relevance.

auto responders and drip campaigns (click to open)

Send automated welcome messages or drip-feed information to your subscribers with just a few clicks. Going on a long holiday? It’s simple to schedule your campaigns to be delivered at a time and date that suits you, in any time zone, so the world won’t stop turning if you’re not at your desk. And you can use our email newsletter software to build and send your campaigns from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a computer that’s connected to the internet.

list management (click to open)

When we set you up on the email newsletter software system and create your mailing list, we’ll send you a code snippet to create a subscription form for your website. We can add custom fields, too, to capture any data you want to use in your campaigns – such as age, location, or even language preference. Subscribers using your subscription form will automatically be added to your mailing list – no need for you to spend hours manually updating it – and if people unsubscribe, or bounce, or even mark your newsletter as spam, their email address will automatically be cleaned from your list.

no third-party branding (click to open)

When your subscribers receive your newsletters, they won’t see any “newsletter software by XYZ” links or logos – your newsletter branding is all yours, and yours alone.

real-time reporting (click to open)

email newsletter reporting

As soon as your campaign has been sent, you can log into the email newsletter software’s reporting centre and start watching the results pour in. Track opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes and bounces as they happen. You can even watch opens and social shares appear in real time on a world map. So if Trevor in Tunbridge Wells Tweets a link to your newsletter, you’ll know about it in nanoseconds.

You can compare the results of your latest campaign to any you’ve sent before, and if you use Google Analytics, we can integrate your GA reporting with your newsletter reporting, giving you an idea of what your subscribers get up to after they’ve clicked. You can even export your campaign reports to Excel, so you can do even more with your results offline.

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If you have a question about our email newsletter software or services that isn’t covered in our email newsletters frequently asked questions, or if you’d like to order email newsletter services from debbidoo, please get in touch.

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