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debbidoo Ltd is owned and managed by Debs Williams (or if you want to be fancy, Deborah Williams MCIM), an experienced marketer and member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. The company is based just outside Caernarfon in North Wales.

Originally from Camden in North London, Debs had a big obsession with Wales during the final few years of the 1990s, and spent those years learning Welsh and writing about (and heavily promoting) the Welsh music scene before moving to North Wales in 2000 with her young daughter and her husband, a Welsh speaker raised on the Llyn Peninsula.

After moving to Wales Debs spent several years working in the IT industry – first in accounts and then in marketing – before starting her own business.

Debs started debbidoo in April 2008, with a vision of being an off-site marketing manager performing all the same tasks that, in her experience as a marketing manager in her past two jobs, marketing managers often find themselves getting roped into. These services included things like office management and administrative services.

It turned out that for most clients, these services don’t tend to go hand-in-hand with marketing; but lots of internet marketing services (like managed social media marketing, blogging and website management) do, and accordingly debbidoo’s services have changed somewhat over the past couple of years. So it’s been goodbye to office management (I never loved you anyway), and hello to WordPress (come to Mummy!)


When it comes to running the business and dealing with clients, debbidoo is a one-man (well, one-gal) band. But as a Gemini, Debs can’t help referring to debbidoo as “we” instead of “me”. In fact, we even had a little debate about it with visitors to our blog. The poll results said “go with ‘we'”, so that’s what we’ve done. Sorry if that’s confusing. In our defence, we do actually have two directors, but the other one prefers to remain a man of mystery :)

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