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copywriting for publications

Your copy can speak volumes about your organisation, in the most unexpected ways. You may have beautifully-written website copy and blog posts, but is your copy letting you down elsewhere?

Perhaps you’ve invented the best widget in the world – but if the instruction manual doesn’t make sense, you may waste hours on the phone or replying to emails, helping frustrated customers figure out how to use your product.

Or, the copy on your product packaging may leave a lot to be desired – perhaps it’s not written appropriately for the customers that will see it, or it doesn’t adequately sell your product’s benefits.

Our copywriting services don’t stop at website copywriting and ghost blogging. We can also help with copywriting for publications of all sorts, to help you promote your business, your products and your services, and to help you keep your customers informed.

Whatever your copywriting needs – from a 50-word newsletter article to a 50-page e-book – debbidoo can help.

white papers (click to open)

Using the background information and research results you supply, we can write white papers for publication on your website or for distribution through white paper distribution services.

If you don’t have the background research to hand, or if you don’t have time to carry out your own research, we’ll be more than happy to help with this too. For example, we can create surveys and polls and collate their results, then present the results as graphs and tables to illustrate your white paper.

instruction manuals (click to open)

When you already know how to work a product, writing its instruction manual may seem like the simplest job in the world.

But take a step back and look at your instruction manual as if you’ve never seen it – or the product it refers to – before, and you may be surprised to find your instruction manual just makes everything seem more complicated than it should.

If your products need clear, easy to follow instructions and you’re becoming frustrated with your own attempts to write the manual, debbidoo can help. We’re happy to provide a “tidy up” service to improve your existing instruction manual or, if you prefer, we can write one from scratch.

editorial (click to open)

If you’ve been offered an editorial opportunity in a magazine or online, but aren’t sure how to go about it, debbidoo can help. We’ll make sure we’re familiar with your brand, your business model, your products and services – and the publication that’s going to feature your editorial – before researching and writing your article.

software walkthroughs (click to open)

Like instruction manuals for physical products, software user guides or walkthroughs need to be clearly written and leave your customers feeling confident and informed. We write user guides for every WordPress website we build, so we’re unfazed by the prospect of writing walkthroughs for your software.

newsletter copywriting (click to open)

Whether you’re sending email newsletters or need stories for your print newsletter, we can help. We can write your newsletter copy from scratch, or tidy up the stories you’ve already written. And, of course, if you need help with designing, building and broadcasting your email newsletters, this is also something we’re more than happy to help with.

your in-house magazine (click to open)

Our copywriting for publications service could be very useful to you if you publish an in-house magazine, newspaper or newsletter – either for your customers or your staff. For example, our clients Dafydd Hardy Estate Agents publish a bi-monthly property newspaper, ProperTy, and we write several articles for each issue.

brochures and catalogues (click to open)

If you’re putting together a brochure or mail order catalogue for printing and distributing to your customers, we’ll be happy to write the copy for you. We’ll work from any information you can provide us with – for example, your website copy, your existing brochures or your suppliers’ product descriptions – to create informative and persuasive copy for your organisation’s sales literature.

e-books (click to open)

Offering e-books for download from your website can be a fantastic way to generate interest in your products and services, and to encourage your website’s visitors to subscribe to your email newsletters. If you’d like to offer e-books to your website’s visitors but aren’t sure where to start, we’re happy to help with ghost writing or co-writing; we can even help you source a designer to put all your copy and images together into a really beautiful publication.

what does copywriting for publications cost?

Fees for our copywriting services, including copywriting for publications, start at £40 per hour. But if you’d like us to provide copywriting services on a regular basis or write a large amount of copy, we’ll be happy to talk to you about fixed fees or billing at a reduced hourly rate on a sliding scale (you can find out more about our sliding scale on our prices page).

find out more

If you don’t see the copywriting services you need listed here (for example, if you need us to write copy for product packaging or any other type of copy) – or if you’d like to ask a question or request a quote – please get in touch.



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