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When we’re not writing website copy, the majority of our copywriting projects for clients are what we call ‘copywriting for blogs and online’. That is, they involve writing articles for an online audience – either for a blog, for an email newsletter, or for an online magazine (or “ezine”) of some sort.

While we don’t claim to be experts on every subject under the sun, we will ensure we’re clued up by thoroughly researching the subject about which you’ve asked us to write – including speaking with you and/or your team at length – to ensure we understand the subject and are clear about the points you want to make in your articles. We didn’t start our business in 2008 knowing the ins and outs of manorial rights, but we have a far better understanding of the subject since writing this article for Dafydd Hardy Estate Agents!

what do we mean by ‘copywriting for blogs and online’?

Simply put, when we offer a ‘copywriting for blogs and online’ service we’re referring to writing any type of article that can be used in an online context. This could be a post for your own blog, under your name (‘ghost blogging’); writing the content for your newsletters; writing articles for your website’s articles archive or blog with our own name added to your list of authors; or even writing editorial or blog posts under your name for other websites – for example, a professional body of which you’re a member.

Read on to find out more about how we can help with copywriting for blogs and online…

ghost blogging (click to open)

ghost blogging

masquerade in VeniceThere’s a story we’ve heard more times than we can accurately count (and we’re guilty of this ourselves, we’re sorry to admit), which goes something like this:

“I know I should keep my blog up to date. But I can rarely think of anything to write about, and when I can, I just don’t seem to have time.”

If this is a story you’ve told a few times yourself, then debbidoo’s ghost blogging service could be just what you’re looking for. When you hire debbidoo for ghost blogging, you don’t get an inflexible fixed package… you get exactly the amount of ghost blogging you need, at intervals to suit you. So if you want a quick blog post with links to your ten best-selling widgets one week, and an in-depth look at the potato farming industry in Sweden the next, we can help.

How we approach ghost blogging for your organisation is entirely up to you. We can provide blog posts as Word documents, text files or in HTML, ready for you to copy and paste into your blog yourself. Or if you prefer, you can set us up with our own login for your blog, so we can add posts, and any videos or photos that relate to them, to your blog ourselves. We can even provide full blog management services, if that’s what you need.

If you haven’t decided on themes for your articles, we can provide a plan and a schedule for your posts, for a time frame of your choice. Posts can be written to coincide with important times in the year for your industry, for example, and we can mix and match different styles and themes in a way that’s appropriate for your organisation and your audiences.

ghost blogging examples

Some clients want blog posts that aren’t necessarily connected to any particular product or industry, but are themed around top search trends or popular culture, or are just a bit of fun for visitors to enjoy and share (this type of post is sometimes referred to as ‘clickbait’ or ‘linkbait’). We’ve written a few blog posts like this for ShinyShack:

Sometimes, clients ask us for blog posts that provide opportunities to link to specific products. Again, these blog posts were ghost written for ShinyShack by debbidoo:

Our largest ongoing copywriting for blogs and online project is Visit Snowdonia. For several years we’ve been fully managing the Visit Snowdonia blog (and its sister blog, in Welsh – Ymweld ag Eryri) where we ghost write and publish an average of two posts a month (all posts on these blogs – apart from two – were written by debbidoo, so we won’t list them all individually). The blog posts we ghost write for Visit Snowdonia serve a number of purposes: they’re informative, so they provide tourists and residents alike with useful information about the Snowdonia region; they contain links to the Visit Snowdonia website, helping visitors to discover even more useful information; and we share them with Visit Snowdonia’s Twitter followers and Facebook fans, which encourages discussion and sharing.

other blogging and online articles (click to open)

other blogging and online articles

Of course, you might not be too fussed about giving us a pseudonym or asking us to write as if we’re you; that was the case when B&K Williams commissioned us to write and upload two posts at their company blog, under the name Debs Williams.

You might even need us to write in your name, but for someone else’s website. For example, if you’ve been offered a guest blogging spot at an industry news site and know that it’ll be great for your business but worry about finding the time (or inspiration) to write, debbidoo can help.

There was a time when using article directories was a valuable SEO tool, but with changes to the Google algorithm in respect of duplicate content, this trend has more or less died out – as the closure of hundreds of article directories (or their insistence on authors only submitting unique work) suggests. The one notable exception is EzineArticles, which is still going strong and still provides a source of website traffic.

EzineArticles diamond authorAlthough we no longer advertise ‘article marketing’ – the submission of articles to many directories – as a service, we still have a diamond author account at EzineArticles, and have no plans to close it down. The articles we’ve published for our clients there are still receiving views and driving traffic, and provide a useful portfolio of our copywriting commissions. You can see the articles we’ve published – both for debbidoo and for clients – at EzineArticles by clicking the author links below.

If you would like us to add you as a pen name to our EzineArticles diamond author account so that we can carry out some article marketing as part of our copywriting for blogs and online service, please let us know.

what does it cost?

We don’t have any fixed blogging or article writing packages; two 500-word blog posts a week, with videos, photos and links may be ideal for one client, but may not be right for you. So our copywriting for blogs and online service is deliciously simple: you provide the brief, and we’ll give you a fair quote, up front, based on exactly the amount and type of article writing that’s right for you.

Our copywriting for blogs and online prices start at £40 per hour. But if you’d like us to provide our online copywriting services on a regular basis or write very long blog posts, we’ll be happy to talk to you about fixed fees or billing at a reduced hourly rate on a sliding scale (you can find out more about our sliding scale on our prices page).

find out more

If you’d like us to provide a no-obligation quote for copywriting for blogs and online, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Please note that ghost blogging isn’t the same as guest blogging; if you’d like debbidoo to write a guest post on your blog in exchange for link to, please send us details (including a link to the blog in question) and we’ll let you know whether we’re able to help.

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