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Writing your own copy in a tone of voice that’s compelling, engaging and informative – and isn’t overly technical or complicated by jargon – can be a right old challenge. You know exactly what it is you’re selling; but translating that knowledge into copy that leaves your customers with a clear understanding of your products or services can leave you jumping up and down in frustration like a modern-day Rumplestiltskin.

If the cat always seems to get your tongue when you try to write copy for your website, blog or brochures, you’ll be relieved to know that ours is right where it should be. And we’re rarely stuck for ideas for reviving your old, tired copy or creating shiny new copy where you’ve never had any before.

You know, of course, that great copy can make a huge difference to your business. Great copy can close a sale, reduce your website’s bounce rate, keep support calls from confused or frustrated customers to a minimum, and provide a reason for other websites and blogs to link to yours.

Like most business owners, you probably have your own set of criteria that define “great copy”. But whatever your personal definition of great copy is, we like to think that our copywriting services will tick all your boxes.

For example, when we write your copy we’ll make sure it’s appropriate for the audiences that will see it. If we’re copywriting for your website, we’ll make sure it’s optimised for both humans and search engines. And we write copy that makes your point clearly, so you won’t confuse your readers with unnecessary jargon or excessive technical language that may look impressive but ultimately doesn’t mean much to anybody reading it.

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website copywriting by debbidoo

website copywriting services

We can help you leave your website visitors in no doubt about what you do, how you do it, and for whom. Selling products? Avoid the trap of quoting manufacturers’ product descriptions verbatim, and let debbidoo help your products stand out from the crowd!
copywriting for print - debbidoo

copywriting for publications

Articles for industry newsletters, user manuals for all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, or even your full printed product catalogue – debbidoo can write the copy you need in the right tone of voice. Leaflets and flyers? Check. Software walkthrough? Check. We love to write!
copywriting for blogs and online

copywriting for blogs and online

You’ve been offered the chance to write a series of guest posts for your industry’s most important blog – but you just don’t know where to start. You’d be mad to turn down the opportunity, and yet… and yet… eek! Who you gonna call? Ghost bloggers!

what does it cost?

We charge £40 per hour for our copywriting services. But if your copywriting project is large, or if you need copywriting services on a regular basis (for example, if you’d like us to write product descriptions whenever you add a new product to your e-commerce website) we’ll be happy to talk to you about fixed fees or billing at a reduced hourly rate on a sliding scale (you can find out more about our sliding scale on our prices page).

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If you’d like us to provide a no-obligation quote for your copywriting project, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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